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PRTG Release 19.4.53 brings version 2 of the SNMP Fujitsu System Health Sensor

PRTG release 19.4.53 has been available in our stable channel for a few days now. Take some time and find out what's new in this version.

Really Understanding MQTT

MQTT is as sexy as it sounds. It's an open OASIS and ISO standard lightweight, publish-subscribe network protocol that transports messages between devices. The protocol usually runs over TCP/IP - however, any network protocol that provides ordered, bi-directional connections can support MQTT.

How We Saved 10 Terabytes of Disk Space Using Windows ReFS with Veeam (Including Script)

…and how we monitor our whole backup environment with PRTG Network Monitor.

A Probable Future: How We Pursue New Markets Without Neglecting the Now

As CTO of a monitoring company that has become successful in the classic IT sector, I face many challenges. Some recurring questions: How can we at Paessler transfer over 20 years of experience in network monitoring to future technological developments, especially the Internet of Things? Which overall goals, milestones and methods should I introduce from a management perspective? And what specific opportunities do I see for Paessler?

PRTG Enterprise Console EOL – Switch to PRTG Desktop Now

In the spring of this year, PRTG Desktop left the beta stage and has been available for everyone since then.

How to Use the New WMI Battery Sensor of PRTG

Is your PRTG installation already up to date? If not, that's a bummer, because in this case, you won't be able to enjoy the new WMI Battery sensor that we introduced with the 19.3.52 release.

Monitoring a Terrarium With PRTG

This is Merlin, a 6-year-old corn snake. He lives in a terrarium in a home in Switzerland, where he's taken care of by Patrick and his wife. Generally, even though corn snakes are relatively easy to care for (making them ideal pet snakes), Patrick—being an electrical engineer—had a compulsion to do something geeky with the terrarium. He eventually decided on measuring the temperature and humidity in the terrarium remotely. Here's the story of how he came up with a solution involving PRTG Network Monitor.

A Tesla Potentially Equals a CCTV System on 4 Wheels: New Open Source Project Is Dynamite

We already had a hunch that CCTV in the cities of tomorrow could be used to cause social distress among citizens, and this theme triggers the primal fears of many people. However, in this discussion, which is also a recurring theme in the context of Smart City and IoT, little has been said so far about electromobility. Electric cars are usually products of the most advanced technology, which includes the recording and evaluation of immediate environmental data. The folks at, a German tech news site, recently presented an open source project that really deserves a closer look.

Maker Monday Returns With...Slot Cars?

Maker Monday is a show aimed at makers on our YouTube channel. In season one, we did things like build a smart mailbox, integrate a Sonoff S20 with Home Assistant, and build a particulate matter sensor to measure the air quality on New Year's Eve. And now we're back with season two, and we have more projects to show you! In the first episode, we show you how we created a connected start/finish line (that also counts laps) for the slot car track we recently built through our offices.

All You Need to Know About PRTG Release 19.3.51 and 19.4.52

The PRTG release version 19.4.52 has been available for installation in the stable channel for a few days now. Maybe you already have the version in use, or you are planning the update. As regular readers already know, in these posts I give you a short overview about the most exciting new features and improvements of the current version.

What I Learned About Agile By Building A Giant Carrera Racing Track

Here I stand, with duct tape in my hand, trying to fix an insane series of 39 loops of a giant Carrera slot car racing track. I screwed up, nothing works and time’s running out. I used to think that I’m better than a third-class hotfixer. But wait – I probably should start my story at the beginning:

The Slope of Enlightenment: Monitoring the Cloud After the Hype

To get a perspective on any current hype—which right now includes Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things—it helps to take a look at the hyped topics of the past and ask ourselves: what was promised? What actually came out of it? And was it actually useful? Cloud computing is a good place to start, since it has been through the hype cycle and is now approaching the slope of enlightenment (or at least it is according to Gartner). Let's take a look at the current reality of the cloud, how it's changed the game, where it's going, and how we should be thinking about monitoring it.

Is the Data of Your Patients Secure? Here's How to Check With PRTG

We live in an age where data leaks are a constant concern. Facebook, dating sites, even video gaming platforms: there have been countless leaks where personal data was made accessible through a security gap. But can you imagine data more personal than your medical data? Probably not. But that's exactly the data that was exposed recently when millions of compromised healthcare servers were discovered.

Meet Helmut Binder, the New CEO of Paessler AG

Only those who are ready to sever ties and leave, may break free from crippling habituation; or so the translated verses of a well-known German poem go. And in the imagery of a journey and departure into new, exciting tasks, I see many parallels to my life over the past weeks. I am Helmut Binder, 53, and the new CEO of Paessler AG.

Monitoring a Carrera Slot Car Track with PRTG

Carrera slot cars are something that many children in Europe grow up with. And obviously it's about accumulating as many track pieces as possible to make race day exciting. But about 1,800 feet of race track is probably difficult for most children to pile up.